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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Raiders now the betting favorites to land Aaron Rodgers

Place your bets!

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Aaron Rodgers saga has now arrived where we all knew it would end up: trade speculation and conversations about stars.

It hasn’t been boring; at least there’s always something new to talk about. A tweet (or maybe inside information) moves the needle in Vegas. What does it mean? Does it mean anything at all? Are we all just suckers? (Probably yes, at least in my case.)

But, as has always been the case, we won’t know anything until it actually happens. The Raiders might be the favorite to land Rodgers today, but tomorrow he might retire. Or announce his return to the Packers. Or move to the moon. Or maybe it’s some combination of those things, or none of them at all.

In any case, we’re here for another episode of As the Quarterback Turns.

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Clearly, Rodgers said something of importance during his astrology webinar. Words are spells.

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If you don’t want to bet on Rodgers’ next team, here are a bunch of other things you can bet on.

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The Packers definitely need some help at tight end, and Cameron Latu is definitely one of those.

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My bid was just $1,057,450 short here. Better luck next time!