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The Green Bay Packers rank 6th in NFLPA’s Team Report Cards

The players’ association graded every NFL franchise over eight working conditions categories


The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), more commonly known as the player’s union, released a survey on Wednesday that ranked every single NFL franchise by their working conditions. Players were surveyed from March 1st of 2022 to April 1st of 2022, 1,300 players responded and players were only allowed to grade the team they were currently under contract with.

The grades ranged from A+ to F- and the topics players voted on were Trement of Families, Nutrition, Weight Room, Strength Staff, Training Room, Training Staff, Locker Room and Travel. Once everything was calculated up, the Green Bay Packers were ranked sixth among the 32 franchises in the league.

Here’s how Packers players graded their team:

  • Food Service/Nutrition: A
  • Weight Room: A
  • Strength Coaches: A
  • Team Travel: A
  • Training Staff: A-
  • Treatment of Families: B+
  • Locker Room: B
  • Training Room: B-

For reference, the Training Room portion — which earned a team-low score of a B- — was still tied for 12th best in the league. The biggest gripe players seemed to have is actually about the locker room, which the union noted that players said was “in need of renovation”, could use padded seats at the lockers and is “starting to feel old.”

When compared to the Washington Commanders, the team that ranked last in the league in the union survey, Green Bay seems like a pleasant place to play. Those players complained about an understaffed training room, small hot and cold tubs, poor drainage in showers and a lack of warm water in the facilities. Yikes.

The Minnesota Vikings, the Packers’ NFC North rival, actually was ranked first in the league in working conditions. The Chicago Bears (13th) and Detroit Lions (15th) joined the rest of the NFC North in the top half of the NFL, as well.