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Draft Talk 3.0: Ranking the top tight ends in the 2023 class

Georgia’s Darnell Washington is a create-a-player

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Back from their trip to the NFL Scouting Combine, Acme Packing Company’s Tyler Brooke and Justis Mosqueda have gathered once again to talk about the Green Bay Packers’ second-biggest need — as voted by the fans — the tight end position. Based on where the tight end class is ranked on draft boards, it’s one of the stronger positions in the 2023 class. Our draft analysts don’t disagree.

After touching on the Packers’ newly acquired compensatory picks and the never-ending Aaron Rodgers saga, Brooke and Mosqueda start this edition of draft talk with an update on the safety position after their conversation in Draft Talk 2.0. After that, it’s all about the top tight ends in this class, including Brooke and Mosqueda’s favorite: Georgia’s Darnell Washington.


Justis’ tight end rankings:

  1. Darnell Washington, Georgia
  2. Michael Mayer, Notre Dame
  3. Tucker Kraft, South Dakota State
  4. Dalton Kincaid, Utah
  5. Sam LaPorta, Iowa
  6. Luke Musgrave, Oregon State

Tyler’s tight end rankings:

  1. Darnell Washington, Georgia
  2. Michael Mayer, Notre Dame
  3. Dalton Kincaid, Utah
  4. Luke Musgrave, Oregon State
  5. Davis Allen, Clemson
  6. Luke Schoonmaker, Michigan
  7. Sam LaPorta, Iowa
  8. Tucker Kraft, South Dakota State

Next week, Brook and Mosqueda will give you a deeper look at Clemson’s Davis Allen, Michigan’s Luke Schoonmaker and Old Dominion’s Zack Kuntz, the tight ends who just missed the cut of being labeled top-100 prospects on the consensus draft board. The fourth edition of Draft Talk will also be the interior defensive lineman episode of the offseason, where we’ll take a look at the following defensive tackles:

  • Jalen Carter, Georgia
  • Bryan Bresee, Clemson
  • Calijah Kancey, Pittsburgh
  • Mazi Smith, Michigan
  • Siaki Ika, Baylor
  • Keeanu Benton, Wisconsin
  • Gervon Dexter, Florida
  • Byron Young, Alabama

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