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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Packers moving slowly in free agency so far

The Packers are letting the free agent market come to them.


As the world waits for Aaron Rodgers, the Packers are wise to be judicious in free agency. The old “A+ money for B+ players” maxim on free agent spending is the most true on the first day of the (ahem) legal tampering period. Spending money just because other people are doing it seems like one of the most insane things a cap-strapped team could do.

And, to be fair, that’s part of the reason the Packers aren’t a part of the early frenzy. They don’t have a ton of available cash to throw around. In a sense, that saves them from themselves, but I also want to be careful to not give the Packers too much credit for not spending wildly when they simply can’t.

Still, spending judiciously is still the smart move, and the Packers appeared to do their spending in a smart place on Monday when they re-signed Keisean Nixon, an elite returner who was also more than competent as a spot player in the secondary. If that’s how they’re going to handle the rest of free agency, they’ll still probably end up coming out ahead.

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The Packers’ move to retain Keisean Nixon doesn’t qualify for a grade here since it’s not a “big enough” move, but that actually feels like a good think in a way. Sometimes the best moves aren’t the splashiest.

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