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Cheese Curds, 3/17: Packers and Jets both find themselves in a quarterback bind

The Packers need to find a backup. But the Jets have no backup plan.

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Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Both the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets find themselves on different sides of the quarterback divide, and yet both are affected by the dwindling supply of free agent veterans. However, they are affected in very different ways, each of which underscore why the Packers have the leverage in trade negotiations surrounding Aaron Rodgers.

For the Packers, moving on from Rodgers to Jordan Love is happening. There’s no more doubt about that now. But the team could use a veteran backup for Love, and there aren’t very many of those left.

The Jets, meanwhile, are in a nearly impossible spot. If they back out of the trade for Rodgers, they have no starting quarterback. And the only remaining players at the position who are still on the market are, well, veteran backups. If they don’t get Rodgers, they’ll be stuck diving through the free agency scrap heap while likely trying to find a way to trade up into range for one of the top four QBs in this year’s draft.

That hardly seems like a viable scenario for a team whose GM and head coach feel pressure to win now, especially on a team with an excellent young defense. The Packers need a backup; the Jets need a starter. That’s the long and short of it and why the Jets will probably cave in time to the Packers’ requests.

Jordan Love And Who for Packers? Updating NFL Free Agency - Sports Illustrated
So who's left? Teddy Bridgewater, Trevor Siemien, Cooper Rush, Mason Rudolph? Those might well be the best remaining options for both teams.

Former Falcons QB Marcus Mariota signing one-year deal with Eagles |
The Packers’ list probably could have included Mariota, who worked with Matt LaFleur in Tennessee, until his signing with Philly.

Seahawks bringing back backup QB Drew Lock on one-year, $4 million deal |
The same goes for Lock, a player whom the Packers reportedly had interest in acquiring both in the 2019 NFL Draft and last season in a possible trade with the Broncos.

Picking realistic player targets from Jets in upcoming Aaron Rodgers trade | Packers Wire
Speaking of trades, the Packers seem to want a player if they send Rodgers to New York. Elijah Moore makes the most sense, but perhaps a safety (Jordan Whitehead) could entice them as well.

Here’s how good the Jets will be with Aaron Rodgers. Hint: It’s a lot better than they’ve been - The Athletic ($)
Look, the Jets haven't been a bastion of quality quarterback play...well, maybe ever. Even a down year from Rodgers would be light years ahead of the production the Jets have received from under center over the last few decades.

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They really sell anything there these days.