What would you negotiate to get this done?

Ok, this is the scenario - Mark Murphy falls into a vat of kraut, and is lost to history, and in some weird random lottery, you have been chosen to be the president of the Green Bay Packers.

First job, get this Rodgers trade done….What are you realistically attempting to do?

For me, if I was in charge, here is how I handle it:

- Priority 1 is to get this dated after June 1 - the only way the Packers can be competitive is to get that $15mil in cap space

- I don’t care about 2023 draft picks - they don’t help as much for 2023 season, and I want a credible team in Year One Post Rodgers

- That said, Im making sure to get to a Jets first rounder as possible. I would offer that the first piece of compensation will be a first rounder in 2024, provided that it’s not in the first 12 picks of the draft. If it is a high pick, Packers would get their second, as well as fourth round pick.

- Separately, if Rodgers plays in 2024, the Packers get a third rounder in 2025, that turns into a second of the Jets make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

I wanted to work in some poison pill because I could see the Jets cutting bait like Favre, and Rodgers signing with the Lions to try and stick it to the Packers, but if the Jets cut him, he will have nothing in the tank anyway…..

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