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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Brian Gutekunst tells his side of the story

The Packers’ general manager had plenty to say on Monday.

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

We’ve heard more than enough of Aaron Rodgers’ side of the story this offseason. On Monday, it was Brian Gutekunst’s turn.

It’s not like Gutekunst aired all of his grievances, but he was more forthcoming than he’s previously been about his relationship with the Packers’ soon-to-be-former quarterback.

It’s a bit of a curious thing, this quasi-public discussion of how we got to this point, especially since there’s no end in sight. Neither the Jets nor the Packers seem ready to give, and as has previously been laid out on this very site, there’s no hard and fast deadline for when this really has to get done. All that leaves for us, then, is this holding pattern where one side speaks, then the other side responds, and occasionally the New York Jets toss in a remark or two.

I don’t think you’re obligated to buy either side of the story, and if you’re sick of the whole thing and just want it over, I wouldn’t blame you. But it’s still interesting to see this happening, even if you’re exhausted by it. I guess I feel bad for our franchise, but this is tremendous content.

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