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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Sizing up Packers draft fits

Who might make sense for the Packers in the NFL Draft?

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers has talked to the Jets, and as the football world awaits what seems increasingly likely, the 2023 NFL Draft is also bearing down upon us. And while there are plenty of unknowns in the draft process, the NFL Combine appeared to clear up at least a few of those questions.

Well, maybe it did. Athletic testing can be a little bit of a fraught proposition, and as the pre-draft process gets increasingly sophisticated the combine events are less of a true test of athletic ability and more a showcase of who does a good job preparing for what amounts to a series of minigames.

Still, given what we know about the Packers’ preferences regarding specific thresholds for size and athletic ability, we can get at least some idea of who the Packers might be looking at in the draft. We’re a little bit more informed than we were a week ago, which is about all we can hope for at this point in the NFL calendar.

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Here’s a nice overview at some of the prospects who seem to align with what the Packers like in the NFL Draft.

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McShay still thinks the Packers will go with Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer.

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Aaron Rodgers is the most notable possible trade, but he’s not the only one who might be worth moving this offseason

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A nice free agency primer with the added bonus of the official mouthpiece of the NFL taking some odd shots at NFL players. Weird!

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Football Outsiders is doing a division-by-division look at team needs, and this one digs into exactly why the Jets might be interested in adding QB talent.

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A kid-oriented event is coming to Lambeau Field this month.

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Jersey swaps are a fun tradition among pro athletes, but this is an extra speedy interpretation.