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Acme Packing Company Q&A: April 19th

If you have a burning draft question, now’s the time to ask

Notre Dame v Navy Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

If you missed our Q&A session last week, here’s some good news: Acme Packing Company’s Justis Mosqueda and Tyler Brooke are going to continue to answer your questions on Wednesdays up until the NFL draft. Throw your questions about this upcoming draft class (or whatever else comes to your mind) down in the comments below. Our two draft analysts will get to them starting at 3 PM Eastern on Wednesday, April 19th.

Here are links to Mosqueda and Brooke’s positional rankings of the prospects at the Green Bay Packers’ top five positions of need, as voted by our readership:

A couple of other links you might want to check out include our favorite players in the draft and the Packers’ official visits with prospects. At the moment, 22 of Green Bay’s allotted 30 visits have been reported or confirmed.