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Your favorite moments from Aaron Rodgers’ time in Green Bay

Let’s give the man his flowers

Super Bowl XLV Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Now that the trade of Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets appears to be nailed down, let’s take some time to revisit some of the good moments that the Green Bay Packers’ all-time leader in passing touchdowns gave us during his career.

Obviously, the Super Bowl win against the Pittsburgh Steelers is going to be on everyone’s list, but what are some others that come to mind? Personally, when I think of Rodgers’ career in Green Bay, I’m going to remember these moments:

  • The throw to Jared Cook against the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs
  • The late-game Randall Cobb touchdowns against the Chicago Bears
  • “I Own You”
  • The Hail Marys
  • The fake spike against the Miami Dolphins
  • His Week 1 performance against the Bears in 2018
  • Various assorted free plays

Go down to the comments and fire off your favorite moments from Rodgers’ reign with the Packers.