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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Roads not taken

The Packers and Jets ended up here as much because of what they didn’t do as what they did.

SPORTS-FBN-BIGGS-COLUMN-SPORTSPLUS-TB Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Our first link today raises what I think is a really good point, one that applies to both the Jets and the Packers.

“Think of the roads the Jets chose not to travel this offseason,” writes Mike Tanier for Football Outsiders. “There was Derek Carr, of course. They could have inquired about Trey Lance. The way the draft board is starting to shape up, they could also have tried to muscle their way up to land C.J. Stroud or one of the other rookie quarterbacks.”

The Jets ultimately chose to trade for Rodgers, either because general manager Joe Douglas believes he’s the answer or because owner Woody Johnson mandated it. But by making that choice, they chose not to take some other, potentially viable options. They chose one path at the expense of others.

The same is true of the Packers, albeit extending back further into history. They ended up at this point with Rodgers in part of what they chose not to do. They chose not to stand pat and take a receiver in 2020, then chose not to trade a disgruntled Rodgers in consecutive offseasons. They chose not to commit to Jordan Love last spring.

I don’t say this as a criticism of either side. There are perfectly legitimate reasons to do everything both the Packers and Jets have done, both this offseason and previously. But those other paths were still there, and they’ll be a part of the long-term evaluation process. What you don’t do is as much a part of your decisions as what you do. To loosely quote Rush, choosing not to choose is still making a choice.

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