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2023 NFL Draft: Packers among leaders in Day 3 draft picks

Only the Jacksonville Jaguars have more selections to make on Saturday

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

When Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst was asked about his plethora of selections going into Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft, he jokingly remarked, “I want all the picks.” His actions aren’t too far from that reality, as the team added a fifth-round draft choice and sixth-round draft choice by dropping down from the 45th overall selection to the 50th slot, where Gutekunst drafted Michigan State receiver Jayden Reed.

In total, the Packers are going into Saturday with nine draft picks on the final day of the draft. Only the Jacksonville Jaguars, who own 10, have more selections today.

Here are the picks the Packers own and how they acquired them.

  • #116 — fourth round: This is the team’s original fourth-round pick.
  • #149 — fifth round: This is the team’s original fifth-round pick.
  • #159 — fifth round: The Lions traded this selection and #48 to move up to #45.
  • #179 — sixth round: The Buccaneers traded this selection and #50 to move up to #48.
  • #207 — sixth round: Acquired from the Jets in the Aaron Rodgers trade.
  • #232 — seventh round: This is the team’s original seventh-round pick.
  • #235 — seventh round: Acquired from the Rams when they sent punter Corey Bojorquez to the Packers in exchange for a sixth-round pick.
  • #242 — seventh round: Acquired from the Jaguars for offensive lineman Cole Van Lanen.
  • #256 — seventh round: The Packers were awarded this compensatory selection for Chandon Sullivan leaving in free agency last offseason.

While the Packers are in a three-way tie for second place (with the Rams and Patriots) in the number of picks owned on Day 3, their draft value significantly lacks behind the highest-ranking teams in the league. Using the Rich Hill chart, which attributes value to selections based on how teams have traded draft choices in the past, Green Bay’s total purchasing power of their nine selections on Saturday amounts to 63 points of value.

To put that into perspective, the Patriots, who also own nine draft picks on Day 3, lead the league with 118 points of value, per the Rich Hill chart. The Bears, who own fewer but higher picks today, actually have more purchasing power with their five selections than Green Bay does with its nine.

If you want to understand the league-wide landscape of Day 3 selections, the chart below will give you a good point of reference.

Day 3 Draft Value

Team Picks Draft Value
Team Picks Draft Value
New England Patriots 9 118
Indianapolis Colts 8 113
Jacksonville Jaguars 10 105
Cleveland Browns 6 85
Seattle Seahawks 6 82
Houston Texans 7 80
Chicago Bears 5 68
Los Angeles Rams 9 67
Green Bay Packers 9 63
Las Vegas Raiders 7 62
Arizona Cardinals 5 56
New Orleans Saints 5 51
New York Jets 3 50
Minnesota Vikings 5 48
Washington Commanders 5 47
Carolina Panthers 2 40
Kansas City Chiefs 5 38
Los Angeles Chargers 4 38
Baltimore Ravens 3 36
Cincinnati Bengals 5 35
Atlanta Falcons 3 32
Dallas Cowboys 4 31
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5 30
San Francisco 49ers 6 24
Pittsburgh Steelers 3 21
Tennessee Titans 3 20
Buffalo Bills 2 20
New York Giants 4 13
Detroit Lions 2 13
Philadelphia Eagles 4 10
Denver Broncos 2 10
Miami Dolphins 2 6

So while Green Bay has a lot of volume of picks, the fact that they only own one of the first 45 picks on Day 3 means that a lot of teams have more weight to throw around on Saturday than the Packers. On Friday, in the presser following the draft, Gutekunst stated that the team was trying to trade back up at the end of the third round. Don’t be surprised if he ends up packaging some of these late-round picks to make sure they can make their sole fourth-round pick a significant one. They only have a couple of notable swings left.