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The Future of the Green Bay Packers' Offense in 2023

What will the Packers offense look like in the Jordan Love era?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With Aaron Rodgers and multiple key veterans gone, the Green Bay Packers offense is bound to look different in 2023. But how much different will Matt LaFleur’s scheme look with Jordan Love taking over under center?

Acme Packing Company’s Tyler Brooke joined Cheesehead TV’s Dusty Evely to talk about the future of the Packers offense in 2023. Along with some general expectations about the differences between Rodgers and Love at quarterback, the two dive into some All-22 film from the Packers, New England Patriots, and even the Kentucky Wildcats to get a better idea of what to expect in 2023.

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0:10 - Intro

1:03 - Introducing Dusty Evely

2:05 - Difference between Rodgers and Love offenses

5:55 - New England Patriots (H-Post Drive Concept)

9:40 - Jordan Love vs Eagles (Curl-Dig Divide Concept)

13:10 - Kentucky Wildcats (Hip-Slot Drive Concept)

17:25 - Power Glance RPO

23:20 Expectations for the Packers offense in 2023

One of the main focuses of the video pertains to the middle of the field in the passing game. Rodgers rarely liked to throw in the middle of the field, yet there are plenty of easy throws on the table in that part of the field in the Shanahan/LaFleur offensive scheme. Expect Love to hit more of those types of concepts this upcoming season.

In the running game, Tyler and Dusty discuss the use of RPOs, which Rodgers famously has avoided running in Green Bay. While a lot of Rodgers’ pre-snap decisions led to success historically, the four-time MVP has traditionally avoided post-snap reads, limiting the team’s use of RPOs. That will likely change with Love under center, and allow the Packers to put more pressure on defenses after the snap.

There will be plenty of familiar concepts to Packers fans next season, but with all of the personnel changes, the playbook should open up for LaFleur in the post-Rodgers era in Green Bay.