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Wednesday Cheese Curds: More details on the Rodgers trade

Another look inside what could be the defining move of the Brian Gutekunst era

New York Jets Introduce Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The full impact of the Aaron Rodgers trade won’t be felt for some time, but we’re getting a more complete picture of how the deal went down. Albert Breer offered a Jets-centric look at the trade for Sports Illustrated on Monday, and our first link below gives some insight into the Packers side of things.

There are still a few unknowns here, as well as a few unanswerable questions. But at least we now have a pretty good idea of how things went down. Rodgers is now a Jet, Jordan Love is in the driver’s seat in Green Bay, and the Packers still have draft capital to come in the future. The rest will be for historians to decide.

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