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Who is Packers rookie Kenneth Odumegwu?

An in-depth interview on the Nigerian EDGE and the NFL IPP program.

NFL: International Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We may know very little about new Green Bay Packers rookie Kenneth Odumegwu, but his arrival signifies a pivotal turning point across the league.

Earlier this week, our very own Justis Mosqueda took a look at how the NFL International Player Pathway program scouts global talent. Thanks to the help of two-time All-Pro and Super Bowl champion Osi Umenyiora, the program has expanded into western Africa and found promising young talent out of Nigeria and Ghana in players like Odumegwu.

Acme Packing Company’s Tyler Brooke brought Justis onto the YouTube series to provide another in-depth look at what kind of players are coming out of the NFL IPP program, the roster mechanics behind international allocations, and what to expect from Odumegwu over the next few years.

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Tyler will be back on Friday to talk about Packers sixth-round pick Karl Brooks, the productive EDGE out of Bowling Green. The Packers Rookie Preview series will wrap up over the next couple of weeks with previews on cornerback Carrington Valentine, running back Lew Nichols, safety Anthony Johnson Jr., and wide receiver Grant DuBose.

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