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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Aaron Rodgers tells his side again

The former Packers quarterback is once again airing his grievances.

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe we’ll someday have the last word on the Aaron Rodgers saga. I don’t know if today is the day for the last word, but we’ve got a lot of words if nothing else.

The Athletic dropped a major story on Aaron Rodgers’ exit from the Packers today. It’s definitely skewed toward Rodgers, but so far he’s the only one who’s really been willing to shed a significant amount of light on what happened behind the scenes.

You can read the whole story below (if you’ve got a subscription), but the broad strokes are familiar. The Packers hemmed and hawed about what they wanted, Rodgers hemmed and hawed about what he wanted, and ultimately neither side seems to have gone out of their way to communicate with the other.

Regardless of who was at fault, maybe it’s true that it really is all about the people.

Aaron Rodgers, the Packers and the long succession: ‘Just tell the truth, you wanted to move on’ | The Athletic ($)

Kudos to Matt Scheneidman for landing a big interview here. Lots of nuggets from Rodgers’ side of the story here.

Watson, Doubs Embrace ‘Strange’ Reality | Sports Illustrated

The two second-year players are in the unique position of being the elder statesmen in their position group. However promising this year’s crop of rookies might be, they’ve still got a big leadership burden to carry.

Should the Packers sign a veteran wide receiver before training camp? | Packers Wire

The better question here is what veteran the Packers could afford would actually be worth signing.

Now the lone veteran at safety, Packers’ Darnell Savage is determined to use last season’s benching as springboard | Packers News ($)

Darnell Savage has a lot on the line this year.

2023 NFL season: 100 things to know with 100 days until Week 1 kickoff; news, notes and odds for all 32 teams | CBS Sports

The 2023 NFL season is closing in. Here are 100 things to know.

Bear enters garage of Connecticut bakery, steals 60 cupcakes | UPI

The bear was probably just looking for some goodies for the next team-building event in Chicago.