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Tuesday Cheese Curds: How can Jordan Love set himself apart?

Jordan Love can’t just model himself after Aaron Rodgers.

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How Jordan Love differs from Aaron Rodgers is just as important — perhaps moreso — than how he’ll be like him.

Sure, it would be great if Love ended up being as cerebral as Rodgers on the field. Very little caught him by surprise, and there was even less he couldn’t find a way to adjust his way around. Rodgers’ improvisational skills set him apart, and if Love finds a way to deliver a couple of plays a game where he makes something out of nothing like his predecessor did, he’ll be well on his way to a successful career.

But there were limitations to Rodgers’ game, too. For instance, as our first link below discusses, he was frequently hesitant to use the middle of the field, something Love has been doing regularly through the Packers’ offseason program.

Sure, it’s just the offseason. Love and company haven’t even faced a defense in pads, much less one actually trying to stop them to any meaningful degree. But if Love can successfully utilize the middle of the field, it will be a significant upgrade for the Packers’ offense in at least one area.

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