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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Lukas Van Ness is the latest chapter in a familiar story

The Packers took another highly athletic defensive prospect this spring. Will it pay off?

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The Packers continued what’s become a long-running roster-building tendency this spring, taking Iowa EDGE Lukas Van Ness in the first round. Another year, another first-round pick on defense.

The results, of course, have been mixed. Ups and downs, big swings and big misses as well as a couple of pretty big hits in Jaire Alexander and Rashan Gary.

Hit or miss, Van Ness fits the mold: a high-traits prospect who will have to grow his game to succeed. There’s a high-ceiling, low-floor quality to players like that at times, and it remains to be seen where on that spectrum Van Ness lands.

But if nothing else, it’s a familiar story.

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