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Packers HC Matt LaFleur to be featured in an upcoming podcast mini-series

If you want to learn about LaFleur’s offense, you’re going to get an opportunity to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Earlier this week, The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue announced that she will be releasing a podcast mini-series this summer that will feature the prominent NFL head coaches from the Shanahan coaching tree. The series, titled “The Playcallers”, teased San Francisco’s Kyle Shanahan, Los Angeles’ Sean McVay, Miami’s Mike McDaniel and Green Bay’s Matt LaFleur as focal points of the documentary-style podcast.

Here is a portion of The Athletic’s announcement of the series, describing what’s coming down the pike:

Over a third of current NFL teams run variations of this offense, and that number grows as assistant coaches from McVay, Shanahan, McDaniel and LaFleur’s staffs are poached and promoted each offseason. The offense has been on display in four of the last seven Super Bowls and McVay became the first to win a championship with it in 2021 — and the youngest-ever head coach to win a Super Bowl.

The series contains hours of exclusive interviews with over a dozen head and assistant coaches, former players and analysts across the league. Listeners of this documentary-style series will get an unprecedented look inside these coaches’ minds, and hear them speak openly and candidly about all things football … and each other. Listeners will also come away with an understanding of how football evolves and changes, and how ideas — and people — clash to mold the sport.

All five episodes of the mini-series will be released on July 10th, just a little over two weeks from now, on The Athletic Football Show’s feed.

If you were ever thinking about doing a deep dive into LaFleur’s offense but didn’t know where to start, this podcast very well could be just what you’re looking for. It will be interesting to hear how LaFleur envisions his ideal offense now that he finally has a young quarterback under his wing in Green Bay in Jordan Love. Maybe the series will shed some light on what the offense will look like without Aaron Rodgers, who famously had his own adjustments that weren’t featured in LaFleur’s playbook.