Its a business

So, during the saga of the last few years of the tension between Aaron Rodgers and the Front Office, part of Rodgers' case has been how the team treats its players, namely veterans who have performed for the team.

Rodgers stated he did not like when the Packers let players walk after contracts were up, or cut guys.

This off-season, we have seen a new trend with NFL teams, as they are now cutting pricey players, players that seem to continue to perform, all to save salary cap space.

Dalvin Cook appears to be the next casualty of this, but the off-season is littered with players let go.

So, I ask, are the Packers better, worse, or no different than any other team when it comes to how they handle their players.

Lets look at two of Rodgers' favorite targets - Randal Cobb and Davante Adams. Cobb first left the team when his contract expired, as the Packers felt that the contract he could get was higher than what they would pay. They were right, as he got more on the open market than what the team could pay. Even the biggest fan of Cobb, like myself, could see it was all economics.

How did Cobb come back? On a contract that Rodgers' had to compensate for with alterations to his own contract.

That is the salary cap for you.

I don't think the Packers would have let Cobb go if they could have gotten a team-friendly deal, as Cobb was one of those players you could count on making the catch.

They just could not make it fit under the cap, when there were 52 other contracts that need to fit.

On Davante, much has been made on how that contract negotiation was handled. Adams felt insulted they waited. But why did they wait? They waited because they first had to handle Rodgers. And if you remember, there were all these reports about how the Packers had figured out a way they could get Adams and Rodgers under contract and under the cap.

But in the end, Adams wanted to prove he was one of the best. Packer receivers seem to get discounted because they play with HoF QBs, and while even with that, almost everyone knew how great Adams was, he still wanted to go to be closer to family. He wanted a new challenge, so it didn't really matter how much the Packers threw at him, he was going to go.

Honestly this is more to the player than what others are doing now - cutting players under contract. I really do not think the Minnesota Vikings seem like they are catering to players better than the Packers.

But the NFL is a business, and with salary caps, teams have to make choices. Players have to make choices. If it was a dream world, they all would go to the teams they want, get paid oodles, and have fun.

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