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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Young Packers prioritize versatility

The Packers are preaching versatility. Will it work?

Syndication: PackersNews USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin / USA TODAY NETWORK

Versatility seems to be a big theme of the 2023 Packers. They’ve taken steps to add versatile pieces on offense and defense, building both sides of the ball around guys who can do a lot of different things.

And that’s great in theory. But in practice, versatility is often a lot of marketing talk for a guy who really can’t do anything particularly well. A truly versatile player is great, sure. But just as often, “versatile” seems to mean “here’s a guy who’s okay at a few different things but isn’t good enough at one thing to stay in one place.”

Maybe some of the youngsters the Packers have acquired will indeed turn out to be versatile. Maybe they really will have an offense and a defense built around players who can do all kinds of different things really well.

Or maybe this year’s roster will be the same as every other: a few difference makers, a few guys who can do a couple of things well, and a couple of true stars, all of which will have to be blended together by a coaching staff capable of recognizing individual talents and deploy them accordingly.

That last part worries me a lot more than whether or not an individual player is versatile.

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