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Wednesday Cheese Curds: What happens with Joe Barry this year?

Barry enters his third year as the Packers’ defensive coordinator with high expectations and an uncertain future.

NFL: Green Bay Packers OTA Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So, what’s the deal with Joe Barry, anyway?

Our first link today explores that question in some detail, but (spoiler alert) there’s really no answer. Heading into year three of the Barry era, such as it is, we still don’t really know what he’s bringing to the table, how he’ll utilize the players he has, or what, if anything, the “Joe Barry scheme” really is.

It goes without saying that’s pretty strange, and that’s without even mentioning, once again, that Barry wasn’t even Matt LaFleur’s first choice to replace Mike Pettine. Or, for that matter, that LaFleur’s second choice has gone on to be one of the league’s most highly regarded defensive coordinators.

What does all that add up to in 2023? For now, another season of high expectations and an uncertain path forward. That’s a familiar place for Barry and the Packers, and hopefully the result is better this year than last.

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If Barry’s unit underperforms again, what happens?

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Barry should have options on the edge if nothing else.

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I don’t put a whole lot of stock in Madden ratings, but it’s interesting to see how the powers that be at EA Sports evaluate players relative to how teams think about them.

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The pressure’s on for these five guys.

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The Jets are NOT happy about appearing on Hard Knocks this year and appear to be doing everything they can to make the show as boring as possible.

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Watch out, lizards. We’re coming for you. Or came for you. Whatever.