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Cheese Curds, 7/21: What are your favorite Packers-related superstitions?

Packers fans apparently rank among the most superstitious in North American sports, so let’s hear what your weirdest ones are.

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sports fans are, by nature, superstitious. For the most part, we know that what we do while watching the game has no actual bearing on the result — whether that’s wearing a specific jersey or hat, eating or drinking something specific, or sitting in the right spot on the couch.

Maybe superstitions are about routine, and feeling like we’re a part of the team. After all, our teams all wear the same uniform and go through their own pregame and in-game rituals, so why not us as well?

Apparently, Green Bay Packers fans are among the most superstitious in all of North American professional sports, according to a recent study. So that got us thinking: what are our weirdest, silliest, or favorite superstitions to observe during Packers games?

We’d love to hear yours in the comments, and we’ll get it started with a couple of relatively mild ones belonging to this writer.

Packers fans rank as third-most superstitious in major pro sports | Packers Wire
Only the fan bases for the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Lakers rank higher than the Packers on this list. The two that I have are wearing a specific hat depending on whether Green Bay is at home or on the road, and always having a beverage that originated in Wisconsin at my disposal.

Green Bay Packers sign wide receiver Jayden Reed to rookie contract |
The last draft pick has signed his deal, with Reed officially in the fold. He might make a run at the Packers' punt return job in camp, in addition to trying to earn snaps as the team's top slot receiver.

Packers preparing for Monday’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders |
Get to Lambeau Field bright and early - the meeting starts at 11 AM local time on Monday.

Vikings rookie Jordan Addison cited for going 140 in 55 mph zone - ESPN
The only way to make news the week before training camp is to do something stupid, and now Addison has a big mistake on his record before his rookie season officially begins.

Commanders' Dan Snyder fined $60M over findings in investigation - ESPN
In addition to the NFL approving his sale of the Commanders, Snyder agreed to pay a hefty fine related to findings of sexual harassment and his lack of cooperation with the investigation.

Burger King assistant manager served customers fries from trash, police say – WFTV
They're Burger King fries -- how would anyone know the difference?