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The Packers acquire Foamation, the originator of the Cheesehead

The deal was announced at the team’s shareholders meeting by Mark Murphy.

Super Bowl XLV Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

During the Green Bay Packers’ annual shareholders meeting, team president and CEO Mark Murphy announced to a crowd of Packers fans that the team had acquired Foamation Inc., the company that has the trademark to the famous Cheesehead headwear. Originally created by Ralph Bruno to wear at a Milwaukee Brewers game back in 1987, the headgear is now synonymous with Packers fandom.

According to a press release from, Foamation Inc. is based in Milwaukee and the plans are to keep manufacturing of Foamation’s Cheesheads and Cheasehead-related products in Wisconsin. Currently, there’s a “Cheesehead Collection” on the Packers’ pro shop, which includes products ranging from the original Cheesehead to Cheesehead memorabilia like a book, apron and pet toy.

At the shareholders meetings, the Packers debuted new merchandise in collaboration with Foamation, which you can see glimpses of in the video below.

New products appear to include a Cheesehead with “owner” across the back of the headwear, shirts (either a Cheesehead or a cheesed-up Wisconsin) that have “owner” written in the Packers’ end zone font across them and cups, shot glasses, stickers and beer koozies that follow the same design.

Congrats to Bruno for the sizeable check I can only assume the Packers made out to him for acquiring Foamation. The only question I have is why it took the franchise so long to make the purchase.