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NFL Reacts Results: Packers fans think Aaron Jones is coming back in 2024

Jones commands a $17.7 million cap hit next season

Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we asked Acme Packing Company’s readership two questions. First, who will be the Green Bay Packers’ starting running back in 2024? Second, how did you react to Aaron Rodgers’ new contract with the New York Jets?

Let’s get into the results from this week’s NFL Reacts questions, along with a bonus result via our Minnesota Vikings friends at the Daily Norseman.

Nearly two-thirds of you responded that Aaron Jones will be the Packers’ starting running back next season, despite some tricky cap hurdles that the team will need to maneuver to make that a reality. While most fans think that this is Green Bay’s year to get back to a baseline salary cap, the truth of the matter is that the team only has $3 million in cap space to play with going into next season — meaning that some significant cuts are on the way.

In 2024, Jones will make $12 million in cash — if he makes the team — to go along with a $17.7 million cap hit. The Packers will also have to account for an extra $7.4 million in 2025, as Jones’ salary (game check) payments were stretched over void years, from a cap perspective.

If it’s not Jones dotting the backfield, fans seem to think it’s going to be a tossup. 19 percent think that upcoming free agent AJ Dillon will be the starter while 16 percent went with the “other” option.

The results from the question about Rodgers’ contract, generally, seems to encapsulate how fans feel about the quarterback right now. 10 percent of fans are happy for him. A little under half of them are simply done caring about the whole situation now that he isn’t their quarterback. Two-fifths of you feel negatively that he was willing to take a pay cut with the Jets that he never took with the Packers.

This one comes from our sister site The Daily Norseman, which covers the Vikings. Unsurprisingly, Vikings fans picked Minnesota to win the NFC North this season with the Detroit Lions finishing second in their set of polls. The Packers were expected to finish in third place in the division by exactly half of the respondents. Let’s hope they’re as bad at making predictions as they are at finding a franchise quarterback.

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