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NFL: JAN 08 Lions at Packers

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Packers Jersey

It’s time to gently shove the Rodgers jersey to the back of the closet, for now.

Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Preseason game #1 is in the books, and the Packers are headed back to Green Bay to face the Patriots. You have to dress the part on game day, but what if your go-to jersey belongs to a guy who currently plays for another team? Can you really show up to Lambeau, after such a tumultuous offseason, wearing the jersey of Aaron Rodgers? Probably.

If you’d prefer some fresh threads, however, and aren’t sure where to start, fear no more: I’ve broken down a list of current Packers who deserve to be represented at games.

Proven Current Players

First up are the jerseys no one would question at Lambeau Field. These guys have proven themselves to be absolutely necessary to the success of the team, and their jerseys will stand the test of time long after they leave Green Bay.

  • #23: Jaire Alexander
  • #33: Aaron Jones
  • #52: Rashan Gary
  • #69: David Bakhtiari
  • #74: Elgton Jenkins
  • #97: Kenny Clark

Jaire Alexander has that cocky DB energy we all love, and his number is Aaron Jones will go down as one of the most beloved Packers of all time. Rashan Gary has become a commanding disruptor of the backfield, and a second contract is only inevitable. David Bakhtiari is currently the team’s longest-tenured player and...well, just look at that nice number. Elgton Jenkins has solidified himself as one of the premier guards in the league. Kenny Clark’s leadership and importance to the Packers' defense cannot be overstated.

The Trendy Choices

By no means are these guys Packers hall-of-famers (yet), but supporting them just feels right. While their long-term future with the team may be a bit foggy, they’re here now, and that’s what matters.

  • #10: Jordan Love
  • #25: Keisean Nixon
  • #28: AJ Dillon
  • #29: Rasul Douglas

Regardless of your thoughts on Jordan Love’s future impact on the team, it just makes sense to wear the starting QB’s jersey. Keisean Nixon has become a fan-favorite after breathing some life into the special teams unit. AJ Dillon is the self-proclaimed mayor of Door County, and why wouldn’t you want to represent someone with so much Wisconsin pride? Rasul Douglas intercepted our hearts after joining the Packers in 2021 and has been a key piece on defense ever since.

Rookies + Up-and-Comers

The Packers are one of the youngest teams in the league right now, and it can be difficult to predict who will pan out. By getting these jerseys now, you can say you supported these sweet babies from the very beginning.

  • #9: Christian Watson
  • #11: Jayden Reed
  • #37: Carrington Valentine
  • #87: Romeo Doubs
  • #88: Luke Musgrave
  • #90: Lukas Van Ness

Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, and new-addition Jayden Reed are looking to solidify themselves as the Packers’ next great WR trio. 2023’s 232nd-overall pick Carrington Valentine has had a strong camp showing thus far, and made a statement in his first preseason game against the Bengals. Luke Musgrave already owns the TE room and may very well be the baby version of Travis Kelce. Lukas Van Ness has the privilege of rocking one of the coolest jersey numbers and is also so big he’s earned the nickname “Hercules.” How can you go wrong with any of these jerseys?

Jerseys You Need to Custom Order

At every Packers game, there’s always at least one person wearing the most obscure jersey you’ve ever seen. These are players so random, people stop and ask to take a picture. If you own one of these jerseys, chances are you’re a die-hard fan.

  • #8: Sean Clifford
  • #17: Anders Carlson
  • #31: Emanuel Wilson
  • #34: Simone Biles

I’ve seen many a Matt Flynn jersey in my lifetime, and after the Packers’ preseason game against the Bengals, I won’t be surprised if we start to see Clifford jerseys popping up here and there. Anders Carlson has left much to be desired since camp started, which means someone is probably buying his jersey as we speak. Emanuel Wilson had everyone asking “who?” when he racked up 111 yards on just 6 carries in Cincinnati. He’s a dark horse candidate to make the final 53, but certainly made his mark in his first preseason game. The signing of S Jonathan Owens this offseason had Packers fans making some noise, but most of that excitement was due to the fact that he is married to quite possibly the greatest gymnast we’ve ever seen, Simone Biles. A #34 Biles jersey is perfect if you’re looking to make people do a double-take when you walk by.

Tell us about your Packers jersey collection!

I became the proud owner of a Keisean Nixon jersey this year, and am eyeing a Jordan Love jersey if he makes the leap this season. Tell us about some fun jerseys you’ve seen in the wild, and about your own collection below!


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