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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Luke Musgrave looks primed for a big role

Expectations seem sky high for the Packers’ new top tight end.

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It’s a lot easier for Lukas Van Ness to fly under the radar than Luke Musgrave. The Packers’ 2023 first round pick has the benefit of being able to learn on the job under Preston Smith and Rashan Gary, giving him a pretty mild development curve. Nobody will be counting on Van Ness to be the Packers’ top edge rusher from day one.

You can’t say the same for Musgrave, though. At tight end, it’s Musgrave’s job to lose. He’s going to be the Packers’ top tight end unless he’s injured or there’s some other unforeseen development.

While he’ll still get graded on something of a rookie curve, the bar seems higher for Musgrave. He’s the guy at tight end, and he doesn’t have much help other than fellow rookie Tucker Kraft and Josiah Deguara, who’s off moonlighting as a fullback these days, anyway.

He’s drawing plenty of praise, but a lot will be asked of Musgrave this season. Whether or not he’s up to the challenge will be an interesting storyline to watch.

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