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Explain It to Me like I’m Five: Job Security on Offense

With two preseason games to go, how secure is each player’s job?

Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Unfortunately, I am not an expert on all things football, or even all things Green Bay Packers. I am just some lady with thumbs and a computer. Will I let that stop me from giving my opinion on each offensive player’s likelihood to make the 53-man roster? Absolutely not. I’ve been cursed with the need to react to everything, and in true fashion, I’m presenting it as fact. Breaking it down in the simplest of terms, here’s how I feel about the Packers' final offense after one preseason game:

Disclaimer: I am wrong about so many things.


Locks: Jordan Love (no one’s job is more secure than this man’s), Sean Clifford

There’s Still Time: Alex McGough

There’s not much to say about Love’s performance. Depending on who you ask, he either exceeded expectations, or performed exactly as predicted. Sean Clifford gave us an electric showing on Friday, reminiscent of a certain quarterback from the 90s who used to frequently give Packers fans heart attacks with some of his passes. With Danny Etling’s release earlier this month, Alex McGough’s hopes to make the roster are alive, though it remains to be seen if the Packers decide to keep three QBs. If he doesn’t make the final cut, I see practice squad in his future.


Locks: Aaron Jones (please reference Jordan Love above), AJ Dillon, Josiah Deguara

Fighting for RB3: Patrick Taylor, Emanuel Wilson

Fringe: Tyler Goodson

No: Lew Nichols, Nate McCrary, Henry Pearson

Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon are clear leaders not only in the RB room, but on the offense as a whole. Expect to see more of Josiah Deguara this year now that Aaron Rodgers can’t ignore him when he’s on the field. Previously listed at TE, the Packers are now listing him at FB which has been my dream since the team drafted this sweet multifaceted angel. Patrick Taylor seems to have been the team’s favorite at RB3, however, Emanuel Wilson stole the show vs. the Bengals, and the decision may not be so clear-cut anymore. Tyler Goodson spent most of 2022 on the practice squad, but with a shoulder injury sustained on Friday, will he be able to do enough to make the final 53? Nichols, McCrary, and Pearson simply haven’t shown enough thus far for me to consider them anything more than camp bodies, and with the guys ahead of them on the depth chart, it seems practice squad may be the ceiling for these three.


Locks: Christian Watson (this is your year, brother), Romeo Doubs, Jayden Reed, Samori Toure, Dontayvion Wicks

Probably? Maybe?: Malik Heath (his middle name is Shazass!!!)

Buddy, You Better Hope They Keep Seven Receivers: Bo Melton, Grant DuBose, Cody Chrest, Jadakis Bonds, Deuce Watts, Dre Miller

It’s always really difficult to gauge how many receivers the Packers decide to keep every year. Sometimes it’s five. Sometimes it’s seven. One time it was eight! This year, I think there are five clear locks to make the roster. Watson, Doubs, and Reed seem to be the official trio of the future (or at least this year), and Samori Toure and Tay Wicks impressed last week against the Bengals. With two TEs drafted early this year, it’s hard to say for sure if the Packers will keep a sixth receiver on the roster. If they do, I feel comfortable saying it’ll be Malik Heath. It’ll take a standout performance or two to put the other receivers in consideration for WR6 or WR7.

Editor’s note: I just wanted to work in here that Deuce Watts has a twin brother named Phat Watts, who is a prospect in the 2024 draft. That is all.


Locks: Luke Musgrave, Tucker Kraft

Lock (for the Practice Squad): Austin Allen

Baby Kelce and Tucker Kraft are experiencing a true baptism by fire this year, after the loss of Tyler Davis to an ACL tear and the free-agent signing of not-Marcedes Lewis. With Josiah Deguara in a hybrid FB/TE role, I just don’t see room for another TE on the 53-man roster, but for depth, I think it’s almost a guarantee that Austin Allen sees the practice squad this season.


Locks: David Bakhtiari, Elgton Jenkins, Zach Tom, Jon Runyan Jr., Yosh Nijman, Josh Meyers

Pick Like Three of These Guys: Kadeem Telfort, Caleb Jones, Jake Hanson, Sean Rhyan, Rasheed Walker

Practice Squad Candidates: James Empey, Luke Tenuta, Cole Schneider, Jean Delance

I Can’t Do This Anymore: Royce Newman

David Bakhtiari is obviously a lock (if he’s a Packer all season remains to be seen). Elgton Jenkins and Zach Tom have looked pretty wonderful so far. JRJ and Yosh are solid, and while Josh Meyers has had a shaky camp thus far, the Packers would be silly not to keep a guy who is at least serviceable. The depth the Packers choose to keep behind these guys is really up in the air, but I can tell you one thing with complete certainty: I can no longer say Royce Newman’s name without throwing up a little bit in my mouth. Free me from this prison.

Who impressed you most during Friday’s game against Cincy? Whose stock went down last week?