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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Lukas Van Ness is coming along slowly

The Packers’ top pick is learning what it takes to be an NFL pass rusher.

Syndication: Stevens Point Journal Tork Mason / USA TODAY NETWORK

Everyone knew that Lukas Van Ness was raw. Or, they should have known at least.

Setting aside the fake stats about how many games he started in college (which don’t matter because Iowa makes their more senior players nominal starters whether they play more or not), he did not have an extensive college resume by just about any conceivable measure. That he’s still raw now isn’t a surprise; he’s only been through OTAs, minicamp, and a couple of weeks of training camp. It’s not like he would have really remade his game in a meaningful way by now.

That hasn’t stopped the handwringing from some corners of Packers internet, though, which is to be expected. It’s not unreasonable to want some form of early impact from a first round pick, much less the 13th overall selection.

But we all knew going in that this would be a growing process, much like it was with Rashan Gary before him. Gary only played 244 regular season snaps as a rookie, and if Van Ness plays around the same amount it won’t be a huge surprise. It can be frustrating in the short term, but Gary proved the value of waiting. Hopefully Van Ness can walk the same path.

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