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Cheese Curds, 8/24: Jordan Love to play in preseason finale; Packers get creative with pass rush

Love should get some more snaps again this Saturday, and the Packers are dialing up the blitz in practice to make sure they have options in the playbook.

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New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It’s almost time for Jordan Love’s first opening week start. In a little over two weeks, he will walk out of the tunnel as the Green Bay Packers’ undisputed leader for the first time, doing so against the Chicago Bears in a game that will surely be referenced by fans of the winning team almost all season long in discussions with their rivals.

In Justin Fields, the Bears have their own young quarterback looking to develop, so that week one contest will be a measuring stick game for both players before the two teams meet again in week 18 to bookend the 2023 season. But before that arrives, Love has one more opportunity to show what he can do in the preseason, as he is set to suit up on Saturday against the Seattle Seahawks.

Meanwhile, the Packers’ pass rush is displaying impressive depth and consistency so far in training camp, led in part by second-year pro JJ Enagbare. His big game last Saturday felt like a payoff for all of his hard work over the last year, and he too will look to carry that over into the regular season.

However, it’s not just the edge rushers who are getting to the quarterback this summer. The team’s young defensive linemen are putting in good work too, and the inside linebackers are reporting a heavier usage on blitzes in practice as well. If the Packers can get pressure with just their front 4 or 5, then that’s ideal, but having a batch of creative blitzes on the call sheet is never a bad idea.

Here’s a look at those topics and more coming out of the Packers’ final open training camp practice on Wednesday.

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Matt LaFleur said after practice that Jordan Love and the starters should play in Saturday's preseason finale, giving the group a chance to put one more solid performance on tape before the regular season begins.

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So far, however, Love is showing a good command of the offense and a willingness to fit balls into tight windows, something that many of his fellow young quarterbacks don't yet have.

Jordan Love handles trust with receivers differently than Aaron Rodgers | ($)
It shouldn’t be shocking that Love is not taking the “my way or the highway” approach, and is instead taking a more collaborative and encouraging approach with his teammates. Maybe this is an example of learning from your predecessor by figuring out what not to do.

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Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, the Packers are succeeding at getting pressure in practices and games, even when their starting edge rushers and top pass-rushing lineman aren't playing.

Packers linebackers blitzing more during this year’s training camp | Packers Wire
That pass rush got home against the Patriots without too much help from blitzes, but the team is installing a whole bunch of creative rush packages that will make use of their inside linebackers' speed in case it's needed.

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Two of my great passions are combining. Guess I'll just have to live with never having any money ever again.