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Green Bay Packers 2023 practice squad tracker

It’s time for Green Bay’s 53-man roster to go back up to 70.


Once waivers are processed at 4 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, the Green Bay Packers will be allowed to contact the young players who didn’t make it through the team’s roster cuts to give them an opportunity to sign with the Packers’ practice squad. If you missed the Green Bay’s initial 53-man roster or the cuts the team made, you can check them out HERE and HERE.

As a reminder, the Packers will have 16 practice squad spots available this season, plus an international player exemption — as long as outside linebacker Kenneth Odumegwu of Nigeria passes through waivers and re-signs with the team. Odumegwu is essentially a free roll for Green Bay’s practice squad.

There are some conditions that are important to remember for these practice squad signings. Out of the possible 16 players, at least 10 of them must have played nine or fewer games in their NFL careers. No more than six players on the practice squad are allowed to have played more than two accrued seasons in the NFL, but the team is allowed two more players who have accrued one or two seasons in the league.

Unless Green Bay leans heavily into outside signings, it’s highly unlikely that their practice squad will come close to any of those upper limits on experience on the practice squad. The only players who were released without injury designations during cutdowns and have more than two seasons of experience in the league are long snapper Matt Orzech, punter Pat O’Donnell and cornerback Corey Ballentine.

With no long snapper on the roster, the assumption is that the Packers are going to re-sign Orzech at a later date, by which point they’ll have put someone who made the initial 53-man roster on the injured reserve. It’s unlikely that O’Donnell would re-sign to the team’s practice squad, as he’ll probably look for an opportunity elsewhere in the league. Ballentine, though, is an option to potentially re-sign with the Packers as special teams or cornerback depth during the season.

Internal Practice Squad Options:

  • QB Alex McGough
  • RB Patrick Taylor
  • RB Nate McCrary
  • WR Grant DuBose
  • WR Cody Chrest
  • WR Dre Miller
  • WR Deuce Watts
  • WR Jadakis Bonds
  • WR Bo Melton
  • FB Henry Pearson
  • TE Austin Allen
  • OL Jean Delance
  • OL Kadeem Telfort
  • OL Cole Schneider
  • OL James Empey
  • DL Jason Lewan
  • DL Antonio Moultrie
  • DL Chris Slayton
  • OLB Keshawn Banks
  • OLB Arron Mosby
  • OLB Kenneth Odumegwu
  • ILB Jimmy Phillips III
  • ILB Marvin Pierre
  • CB Shemar Jean-Charles (signed with 49ers)
  • CB Corey Ballentine
  • CB Innis Gaines
  • CB Kiondre Thomas
  • CB Tyrell Ford
  • CB William Hooper
  • CB Elijah Hamilton
  • SAF Benny Sapp III

Rumored to be in Practice Squad Consideration:

Practice Squad Signings (16/16) (Official):