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Week 2 Pack-A-Day Podcast Collab: Notes from Packers-Bears

Which players surprised in Week 1?

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

In a new joint venture, Acme Packing Company’s Justis Mosqueda and Pack-A-Day Podcast’s Andy Herman will be co-hosting a podcast together on Tuesday this season. In the debut episode, the duo talks about Jordan Love’s 2023 start, whether the Bears lost the game or the Packers won the game and if the team has an AJ Dillon problem — after the back recorded fewer yards than practice-squadder Patrick Taylor in the season opener.

Follow along as we breakdown all three phases of football from Sunday’s game, including which players surprised — both in good and bad ways. If you’d like to subscribe to Herman’s YouTube channel, you can do so HERE.


  • 0:00: We’re in the Bears’ heads
  • 2:20: Overall takeaways from the game
  • 5:20: How the Packers used their receivers
  • 16:00: Thoughts on Jordan Love’s performance
  • 22:45: Special teams thoughts
  • 26:30: Players who surprised in Week 1
  • 35:20: AJ Dillon’s performance

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