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Hottest Take of the Week: Eccentric Isometrics and Receipts

Matub discusses Twitter bookmarks, bad athletic trainers, and YouTube film grinders

Green Bay Packers v Houston Texans Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This week Matub begins by apologizing for any issues while he knocks the cobwebs off. It’s been nearly two years since he last made a video.

The first topic of discussion is X (formerly Twitter) and how the changes to the website have revolutionized hot takes. The new bookmark feature has created a method of anonymously storing old takes to pull up later, should the author’s opinion prove to be false.

Next, Matub dives into Kingsley Enagbare’s offseason workouts with a private trainer. Enagbare hired Joel Seedman who is famous for his unorthodox methodologies and unwavering confidence. Joel has received quite a lot of criticism by much more qualified people than Matub, so he refers to Enkiri Elite Fitness’ video on the topic for more details.

Finally, former Packers’ QB JT O’Sullivan and his youtube channel The QB School receives the brunt of Matub’s ire. During week 1 of the preseason, JT heavily criticized a throw made by Love that missed its mark. Love’s fundamentals are called into question. Matub told JT he disagreed with this and said the odd throw was due to Love attempting to hold a linebacker with his eyes. This week JT praised the exact same type of throw in a nearly identical situation because it was a completion. Matub took issue with the waffling.

The end of the video includes a quick aside about turf and how the Atlanta game could be affected.