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UnPack Pod: Learning to win often involves losing

After dismantling the bottom-of-the-barrel Bears, the Packers fall back down to Earth.

Sure, it was nice to start the season off completely dismantling the Chicago Bears (particularly after the general chirpiness of their fans #online over the summer) but the Packers were always bound to regress back to their actual form — that of a young albeit talented team with some notable holes.

For our part, the biggest takeaway from the 25-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons is simply that learning how to win football games often involves losing football games. We need only recall Aaron Rodgers’ first full season under center, a 2008 campaign resulting in just 6 wins — but the reasons for optimism were there. Through just two games in 2023, there appear to be some similar reasons for optimism. Without getting to far out in front of our skis, we’ll simply say this: enjoy watching this young team compete and manage your expectations accordingly.

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