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Cheese Curds, 9/25: Anatomy of a 4th-quarter comeback

Last week at this time, we examined a collapse by the Packers. Today, we get to break down an even bigger comeback victory.

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NFL: New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

One week ago in this space, we discussed the anatomy of a 4th-quarter collapse. Today, we are discussing the reverse, the Green Bay Packers’ 4th-quarter comeback victory over the New Orleans Saints in week 3.

For as disappointing as the loss to the Atlanta Falcons was in week two, the comeback that Jordan Love and company led in week three was equally — if not more — exciting and thrilling. Without further ado, let’s just dive into it.

Key to the game: Packers’ epic comeback started with complementary football |
Although all three phases of the team had issues in the first half, they turned it around in the fourth quarter and executed especially well to score 18 unanswered points.

Biggest plays from the Packers’ incredible fourth quarter comeback vs. Saints | Packers Wire
The first defensive stop of the fourth quarter was a 3-and-out that came just after a failed 4th-down attempt. That helped set the tone and give the offense some confidence, as they went down and kicked a field goal to open the floodgates.

Going for 2 down 8 points: Explaining NFL analytics strategy - ESPN
The strategy is becoming more common across the NFL, and the Packers benefited from it on Sunday. Here's a great look at why the strategy has taken off recently and the numbers that support it.

How the Packers, down 17-0 in the fourth quarter, pulled off a miraculous comeback - The Athletic ($)
One of the biggest keys to the Packers' comeback was playing more cleanly, as the team generally avoided penalties -- and got some big yardage on some pass interference calls on the Saints.

Jordan Love Delivers First Legendary Moment as Packers Beat Saints - Sports Illustrated
Legendary indeed. This had all the markings of a letdown following last week's disappointing collapse in Atlanta. Instead, it turned into a potentially season- and career-defining moment -- though time will tell on both counts.

Hot dog! The Wienermobile is back after short-lived name change | AP News
Thank goodness -- sanity has returned!