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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Thursday Night Football bears down on the Packers

The very injured Packers get no help from their schedule this week.

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The NFL schedule is relentless, and that’s never more obvious than on weeks where your team plays on Thursday night.

The afterglow of the Packers’ comeback win over the Saints has barely worn off and kickoff for their Week 4 game is only a little more than 48 hours away.

And for the players, it’s even worse. The Packers are banged up enough as it is, to say nothing of how a short turnaround affects the availability of their key players.

If there’s any comfort, small though it may be, it’s that the Lions are in the same boat. The NFL’s rapacious hunger for eyeballs and attention puts the same strain on the Packers’ opponent, who are dealing with their own raft of injuries ahead of Week 4.

But the schedule waits for no man. Best to tape an aspirin to your various aches and pains and remind yourself that this is just the first of two Thursday games the Packers will play this year.

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The Thursday Night Football Express is bearing down on the Packers this week.

Packers teammates discuss Jordan Love’s performance in comeback win over Saints | Packers Wire

If nothing else, Love seems to have the full confidence of the locker room behind him.

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Things were bumpy for the first three quarters, but Love and the offense turned it on when it mattered most (and also got a couple of timely penalties).

Jordan Love Earns Comparison to Patrick Mahomes From Former NFL QB | Fan Central

The big selling point on Love prior to the 2020 NFL Draft was his elite arm talent, and earning comparisons to Patrick Mahomes is one way to pay off those scouting reports.

Packers with eventual decision to make with RB Patrick Taylor | Dairyland Express

A bit lost in the Packers’ Week 3 comeback is the fact that they’ve got to figure out what to do with Patrick Taylor here at some point. He’s out of practice squad elevations and appears to be a key part of the Packers’ special teams and late-game operations.

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