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Matt LaFleur believes the Packers’ defensive woes can be fixed with scheme

“I think a lot of it can be solved schematically. I really do. We got enough players.”

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Beyond just an injury update, Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur also spoke on Packers defense in his Friday presser. Obviously, LaFleur was frustrated last night when his team gave up 401 yards and 34 points to the Detroit Lions in a nationally televised game, but he seems to have calmed down since watching the film and reviewing the game plan.

Here was one key exchange about the defense that LaFleur and a reporter had today:

Reporter: You did say last night that you can’t keep doing the same things defensively and expect different results. Did you mean that you have to change scheme? Do you have to change players? Do you have to change coaches? Do you have to change play-calling?

LaFleur: I think it’s more of the philosophy of some of the things that we’re trying to get done, especially when you know that teams are going to run the ball. I know we like to keep a shell on our defense, but there may be times when we have to break that. Trust me, we’re looking at everything. It’s all of us in it together.

LaFleur would later go on to say that they need to look at how they’re using some of their players, situationally.

One of these situations was highlighted by Packers analyst Andy Herman, who took a screenshot of the Packers playing outside linebackers Justin Hollins and Kingsley Enagbare on the goal line in a nickel front. Neither Hollins nor Enagbare are the run-stoppers that Preston Smith, Rashan Gary or even Lukas Van Ness are, which frustrated many Green Bay fans watching the game last night. Hopefully, that’s one of the adjustments that the team will make moving forward.

“I think a lot of it can be solved schematically. I really do,” said LaFleur later in the press conference. “We got enough players.” In Year 3 of the Joe Barry experience, though, Packers fans will have to see it to believe it.