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UnPack Pod: Which underdog Packers players are you rooting for?

You know it, you love it (or at least tolerate it) — it’s time for the 2023 Guy Draft

It’s a tradition as old as time. Okay, so really it’s a tradition as old as a toddler. It’s time for the UnPack Podcast 2023 Guy Draft.

For those new to the Guy Draft, you should at least be familiar with the concept of having an unsung, little-known player that you follow, root for, and stick with through thick and thin — that’s your “guy.” The Guy Draft formalizes the process so that we may officially claim our guys.

A Guy Eligible player must be either a UDFA or day-three draft pick with no more than 2 vested seasons as an NFL player. In years past, that might have narrowed the entire roster (practice squad is included!) down to 10-15 Guy Eligible players. But this is officially Gute’s post-Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers roster, so there are, I kid you not, 33 eligible players.

Unheralded. Unknown. Underdogs. The time has come to claim your guys.

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