2023 Drafts Gift To 2024

Gutey has banked a lot of good will with this recent draft class of players. It's very early to claim it great or even give it a letter grade. But what it does in the short term is open this upcoming draft with so many options. Lukas Van Ness is showing his potential similar to Gary in his early days, very raw and untamed athleticism. Jayden Reed is that dude. He will be WR1 for us, no matter if Watson is active or not. The duo of Musgrave and Kraft are developing really well and displaying how diverse they are in this offense. Musgrave is similar to LVN in his athleticism and it's untamed upside. Where as Kraft is that blue collar type player, he just does his job. Dirty or not. Colby Wooden is a good rotational player. Still time to see if he can squeeze somewhere on the D-line. Sean Clifford is real good at kneeling. As a backup QB that's all I want to see him do. Each week Dontayvion Wicks is making it seem like the Packers got away with something stealing him in the 5th. His route running and RAC ability will see him leap his way into our hearts. I can see him and Reed usurping Watson and Doubs in the coming seasons. Like Wicks, Karl Brooks is making it seem like we stole something. As a rotational player on that D-line, he has performed well with 20 tackles and 4 sacks. Now, Anders Carlson is the oddity in the class outside of Clifford. The classic Carlson miss is now an expectation each game. 6 missed FG's and 5 missed XP's. Granted he is a rookie, I'd be willing to give him another year. Gutey has done it again with another steal. Carrington Valentine was drafted in the 7th as the 232nd pick and was forced to play meaningful snaps all year. Ja going down, Stokes remaining down for most the year, and then the head scratching decision to trade SUULLL. He has not wavered. He hasn't been perfect by any means but what 7th rounder is. Lew Nichols and DuBose haven't done anything so I won't critique what I haven't seen. Gutey didn't bat a thousand but .750 is nothing to sneeze at. Anthony Johnson Jr. is doing fine in what I consider the weakest point of this team: Safety. We will see how he develops in the next couple seasons.

With this stellar class and the Love uprising, where do the Packers go with their 5 draft picks in the top 100. Until the Packers draft a WR in the first round, I will continue to beg for it to happen. Even though we don't need it badly. Watson, Wicks, Reed, and Doubs will hold it down for a couple years. Still, if we don't grab one of these WR's in what seems to be a deep class, we will be regretting it. At RB is where I worry. Cutting Jonesy will be the biggest hit this offense can take with no backup in sight. And not just his insane talent, but his leadership off the field. In a year where he has been plagued by injury since week 1, he has still made an impact on the sideline. Cutting him doesn't save much money and can the youngest team in the league really afford to lose him in that locker room. The population of the Packers fanbase would be willing to chip in to pay this man. AJ Dillon has never really earned that 2nd round pick and I'm sure some team will offer him a deal similar to what we lost Jamaal Williams for. Cutting Bakhtiari seems to be all but signed. Walker is showing his talent at LT and the Packers never draft high on O-Line unless a stud falls to them. Runyan can go as well in Free Agency, especially since Rhyan is already rotating with him.

Here we go again. Another defensive player is going to be drafted in round one. Safety is the glaring need in Green Bay. Savage might go. Ford and Owens are FA. We easily could go with 2 safeties in our first 5 picks. Corner is a sneaky need. Ja isn't going anywhere so lets all take a deep breath. Stokes can't be counted on to walk without dropping at this point. So Valentine as Ja's partner is what we have. Nixon is also a FA and I haven't been impressed with him in the slot much. Edge is safe with Gary, Smith, LVN and Kingsley. As is the defensive line. It's hard to picture what this defense could do when Barry is still here. We spend and spend on this defense like it's an F1 car, only to give the keys to someone who drives a Kia. If only we could spend our first round pick on a D-Coordinator.

I'm excited for this draft and the options we have.

Is there a player or position you think we need desperately?

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