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For Cheddar or Wurst; Hello Mike McCarthy, our old friend

Any familiarity advantage for either side is gone. Can the Packers prevail in a “house money” game?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

It’s gameday, people!

After a week of riding the high over the Green Bay Packers making the playoffs in the first year with Jordan Love under center, it’s time to get down to business and get ready for the Dallas Cowboys and old friend (and former head coach) Mike McCarthy.

After being left for dead at 3-6, the Packers finished the second half of the year with a dazzling 6-2 record and Love was near the top of so many passing statistical charts in that same period. A season that started as an evaluation period at the quarterback position turned into a playoff run and Packers fans couldn’t be more excited.

Green Bay is playing with house money at this point and they really have nothing to lose going forward. In other words, they’re a team no one should want to face in the postseason.

In the latest episode of “For Cheddar or Wurst,” Kris and Lindsay try to come down off cloud nine over this being a playoff team to break down today’s game. While McCarthy spent 13 years in Green Bay, this Packers team is virtually unrecognizable from the one he had in his final year and the same could be said about McCarthy himself.

Can the Packers slow down the Dallas offense? Is Dan Quinn the guy to finally cool off a red hot Love? Or did Aaron Rodgers also transfer the deed for AT&T Stadium to Love and Green Bay advances to play San Francisco?

We will get the answers to those questions in just a few short hours.

Packers fans rode through the storm with the team and now they await to see how the final chapter ends, but regardless of outcome the future is bright in Green Bay.

For Cheddar or Wurst.