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Pack-A-Day Collab: Takeaways from Packers vs. Cowboys

Is Dallas really going to fire Mike McCarthy for Dan Quinn’s predictable defense while Quinn is getting head coaching interviews?

SPORTS-FBN-COWBOYS-COACH-FT Chris Torres/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

In this week’s Pack-A-Day collaboration episode, Andy Herman and Acme Packing Company’s Justis Mosqueda discuss the good and bad that came from the Green Bay Packers’ win against the Dallas Cowboys. Obviously, the offense was red hot, but injuries on the defensive side of the ball put the team in a dangerous position going into Saturday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Can cornerback Jaire Alexander’s ankle recover fast enough for him to see the field for the second week in a row? Can inside linebacker Isaiah McDuffie, who was promoted to an early downs starter against the Cowboys, see the field after going down with a stinger against Dallas? Against an offense like the 49ers’, one that appears to have no weakness if you believe that Brock Purdy is indeed one of the better quarterbacks in the league, how can the Packers string together a second playoff win?

These topics were all discussed on this week’s podcast, as well as the meltdown that the Cowboys seem to be having after the game. It seems highly unlikely, in a vacuum, that an NFL team would fire a play-calling head coach who won 36 games over three seasons and just had his quarterback lead the league in passing touchdowns, but Jerry Jones isn’t just another NFL owner.


  • 3:00: Packers vs. Cowboys takeaways
  • 14:30: JORDAN LOVE
  • 22:00: What’s happening at inside linebacker?
  • 27:15: Injuries coming out of the game
  • 32:30: Is Mike McCarthy losing his job?
  • 40:15: Thoughts on Packers vs. San Francisco

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