2024 Mock Draft Open Thread

NFL Draft Buzz.Com is a fairly good sight for viewing draft prospects and has a decent Mock Draft Simulator. They also predict our Compensation Picks in their mock draft simulations.

Pick: 25 RND: 1 Kamren Kinchens S Miami

Pick: 41 RND: 2 T.J. Tampa CB Iowa State

Pick: 57 RND: 2 Calen Bullock S USC

Pick: 88 RND: 3 Blake Fisher OT Notre Dame

Pick: 92 RND: 3 Christian Mahogany OG Boston College

Pick: 125 RND: 4 MarShawn Lloyd RB USC

Pick: 135 RND: 4 James Williams S Miami

Pick: 203 RND: 6 Jordan Magee LB Temple

Pick: 217 RND: 6 Chad Lindberg C Georgia

Pick 219 RND: 6 Myles Cole DE/EDGE Texas Tech

Pick: 246 RND: 7 Keilan Robinson RB Texas

Most player profiles are there and the site is better than most. For those who love mock drafts, this is your thread. For those that don't like mock draft, wallow in your wrongness.

Go Pack Go

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