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The Repack: Packers out, playoff pain index in

Today, the loss hurts, but on the relative scale of recent Green Bay postseason losses, Saturday’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers barely registers.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Well, the Green Bay Packers’ season is over. Now what?

In this episode of The Repack, Acme Packing Company’s Evan “Tex” Western and Justis Mosqueda discuss the Packers' loss to the San Francisco 49ers and the ramifications of the game, if there is any. But first, it’s time to rank this game among the Packers’ recent playoff losses on the pain scale. For Justis, it comes in 11th out of 12 postseason losses since 2007. If you have a differing opinion, drop it down in the comment section below.

The Packers played a decent, but not good, game versus the 49ers — a double-digit favorite — which is one reason why Mosqueda didn’t think the loss hurt that badly. Everyone is going to pile on rookie kicker Anders Carlson, who to be clear was a problem in the second half of the season, but there were plenty of mistakes to go around. When your offense comes out of three red zone drives with six points, that’s not a great result.

With that being said, head coach Matt LaFleur seems to have been plenty content with the defense on Saturday, as he said that the unit was “fantastic” after the game. If you’re reading the tea leaves here, it seems like defensive coordinator Joe Barry saved his job with a late-season stretch of play, just as he did last season. At this point, both Mosqueda and Western would be some level of shocked or surprised if Barry was let go.

In the second half of this podcast, our duo looks at the 2024 outlook of the roster, breaking it down by position and sides of the ball. How many defenders are we sure are going to return as starters next year? Four? Five? Look for some turnover there this offseason.


  • 0:00: Where does this loss rank on the playoff pain scale?
  • 6:00: Alright, let’s unpack this loss
  • 26:00: Joe Barry is probably coming back
  • 31:45: Future outlook — offense
  • 35:45: Future outlook — defense
  • 44:30: Future outlook — special teams

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