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Ariens Hill - A Mark Murphy Story

Where, oh where will Murph sled to next?

While the season may have ended on a bittersweet note, I think it’s hard to be anything other than optimistic about the future of this franchise. We have a great young quarterback, an incredible group of young weapons, and it looks like the team is taking real stock of their weaknesses from 2023 and making substantial changes.

On that note, let us take a minute to celebrate team president Mark Murphy, who has deftly navigated a difficult transition from Rodgers to Love through a unique organizational power structure, and who was, famously immortalized by our own Erin Alyce for sledding down Ariens Hill and many,



other places.

It’s been quite the journey for Murph, and honor his contributions to team-building and tubing, I but together a little video (with Erin’s blessing, since this meme is all hers) I call “Ariens Hill – A Murph Story.” As always, apologies in advance for the singing. Enjoy.

It’s going to be a good decade in Green Bay. Again.