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49ers pass Packers in race for all-time NFL playoff wins

San Francisco is now the only franchise that can claim that they’ve won 38 postseason games in the NFL, though, there are a couple of teams breathing down their neck.

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

After their win in the NFC Championship Game, the San Francisco 49ers are now the sole leader in the NFL’s all-time playoff wins list. Coming into the weekend, the 49ers were tied with the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers at 37 all-time postseason wins. For a brief time, between the Packers’ Wild Card win and their Divisional Round loss to the 49ers, Green Bay had been the only team to match the Patriots at 37 all-time playoff victories. As a reminder, 30 of those 37 Patriots wins came during the Tom Brady era.

Below is how every NFL franchise ranks in all-time postseason wins going into Super Bowl LVIII.

All-Time NFL Playoff Wins

  1. San Francisco 49ers: 38-23
  2. New England Patriots: 37-22
  3. Green Bay Packers: 37-26
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers 36-28
  5. Dallas Cowboys: 36-31
  6. Los Angeles Rams: 26-28
  7. Las Vegas Raiders: 25-20
  8. Philadelphia Eagles: 25-26
  9. New York Giants: 25-26
  10. Denver Broncos: 23-19
  11. Washington Commanders: 23-20
  12. Kansas City Chiefs: 23-21
  13. Indianapolis Colts: 23-25
  14. Minnesota Vikings: 21-31
  15. Miami Dolphins: 20-23
  16. Buffalo Bills: 19-21
  17. Baltimore Ravens: 17-13
  18. Seattle Seahawks: 17-19
  19. Chicago Bears: 17-20
  20. Tennessee Titans: 17-23
  21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 12-12
  22. New York Jets: 12-13
  23. Los Angeles Chargers: 12-19
  24. Cleveland Browns: 12-22
  25. New Orleans Saints: 10-13
  26. Atlanta Falcons: 10-14
  27. Cincinnati Bengals: 10-16
  28. Carolina Panthers: 9-8
  29. Detroit Lions: 9-14
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars: 8-8
  31. Arizona Cardinals: 7-10
  32. Houston Texans: 5-7

The good news for Packers fans is that their position tied for second place might not last for long. As already mentioned, a Brady-level quarterback can change the trajectory of an entire franchise. For another example, look no further than Patrick Mahomes, who has led the Kansas City Chiefs to 14 of their 23 all-time playoff wins. If not for him, the Chiefs — who are currently tied at 11th in playoff wins — would be tied for 28th.

I don’t want to count the eggs before they hatch, but, certainly, the expectation for quarterback Jordan Love, who finished the season on a 21-touchdown to-one-interception run in his first year as a starter going into the Divisional Round, is to win at least one Lombardi Trophy as the signal-caller for the Packers. Outside of a phenomenal run, which maybe the Chiefs can pull off in the second half of Mahomes’ career, only a few teams are within striking distance of the top spot on this list — as there’s a 10-win gap between the Dallas Cowboys in the fifth spot and the Los Angeles Rams at sixth in the rankings.