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Packers QB Jordan Love has millions in incentives on the line vs. the Bears

Love can earn up to $4 million with a strong performance in the season finale on Sunday.

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

When the Green Bay Packers chose to give quarterback Jordan Love a one-year extension, rather than picking up his fifth-year option last offseason, part of the deal was that much of Love’s potential 2024 compensation would be tied to incentives. With just one week left in the regular season, let’s take a look at what’s at stake for Love in the final game of the season.

As of now, Love is in a safe range to add $2 million in escalators to his $6 million cash flow next season. The following incentives are either on pace to be hit, by a decent margin, or have already been clinched:

  • 65 percent of offensive snaps — $500,000 (clinched)
  • Top 16 in passing touchdowns — $500,000 (ranks 3rd)
  • Top 10 in passing touchdowns — $500,000 (ranks 3rd)
  • Top 16 in passing yards — $500,000 (ranks 10th)

On top of the $2 million there, though, there’s another $2.5 million available to be earned with individual performance escalators, depending on how good Love’s numbers are against the Chicago Bears in Week 18. Below are the escalators that Love is within striking range of:

  • Top 16 passer rating - $500,000 (11th)
  • Top 10 passing yards - $500,000 (10th)
  • Top 10 passer rating - $500,000 (10th)
  • Top 16 completion percentage - $500,000 (21st)
  • Top 10 completion percentage - $500,000 (21st)

Love would need a pretty incredible performance to hit those completion percentage marks, but it’s not impossible for him to earn those. Beyond just the individual performance escalators, Love will earn an extra $500,000 in 2024 salary if the Packers make the playoffs. As a reminder, Green Bay is win-and-in against the Bears, meaning that Love’s escalators can jump from $2 million to $6 million with a dominant win versus Chicago. For a guy who has made a career total of $19.9 million in the NFL, an extra $4 million seems like it would be plenty of motivation to have a strong end to the regular season.

If the Packers do advance to the playoffs, there are even more options for Love to make some extra money next year. Green Bay will pay out an extra $500,000 for a playoff win or winning the NFC. A Super Bowl win would come with an extra $1 million pay bump.