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UnPack Podcast: the Miles Bokeem Melton breakout game

The Green Bay Packers finally had a 100-yard receiver this season.

The UnPack podcast is back after a bit of a holiday hiatus, and with Alex padding his vacation time, we’re joined by our fearless leader, Evan “Tex” Western. Here’s a bit of what’s ahead on today’s episode:

Bo Melton’s “breakout game”

Just like we all expected, it took until week 17 for a Packers’ receiver to exceed the 100-yard mark. And just like we all expected, the player to do it was Bo Melton. Nothing to see here, just an unsung player proving he belongs somewhere on an NFL roster. Kudos, Bokeem!

Kraft YAC and cheese

Tucker Kraft’s transformation into a well-rounded receiving and blocking tight end continued on Sunday. At this point, it’s fair to ponder two questions. Firstly, is Kraft actually more valuable than Luke Musgrave? Secondly, who was the last Packers tight end to be as truly well-rounded as it appears Tucker Kraft can be?

Aaron Jones: the sombrero rides again

Mere months ago, it was almost a foregone conclusion that this was to be Aaron Jones’ last season as a Green Bay Packer. Running backs get old, they lose steam, and they’re cut. That’s been the M.O. around the league for years. But when healthy, Jones shows virtually no signs of slowing down and continues to prove his value in a Matt LaFleur offense. His $17 million cap hit next year is untenable, but is there a world where Jones returns on a reworked deal to pay him fair market value? What do you think? How much would you pay Aaron Jones?

Can Joe Barry save his job?

One of the more nagging experiences for Packers fans down the stretch here is the weekly routine of rooting for your team, wanting them to win, but not wanting Joe Barry to perform so well as to justify potentially retaining him as defensive coordinator. Although the media team would like you to ignore this fact, Joe Barry called a game-ball-worthy campaign against the Minnesota Vikings, limiting their tag-team of backup quarterbacks to just 10 points. Will performances like this be enough to save Joe Barry’s job? Perish the thought.

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