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Bears’ Jaquan Brisker: Packers WRs are ‘fake tough’

Chicago’s starting safety had some choice words about Green Bay’s receivers on Sunday night.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

According to Mark Grote of WSCR, Chicago Bears safety Jaquan Brisker still had some left in the tank for the Green Bay Packers even after the game was final. Brisker, a second-year second-round pick, told Grote that he thought the Bears’ gameplan for Green Bay’s receivers was poor before taking potshots at the victorious Packers.

Brisker: I felt like we could have tightened up on the receivers a lot more than we did today. We gave them too much room and I really have no respect for them at all, just to be honest.

Reporter: Why?

Brisker: No one’s over there. No respect. They have no stars over there. They try to play a little fake tough.

Reporter: What’s fake tough?

Brisker: Just doing extra stuff after the play, grabbing people's face masks after the play and things like that. Just doing a lot of dirty stuff to get us flagged and stuff like that.

This isn’t the first time that Brisker has made himself the villain for Packers fans and players. After losing to the team in Week 1, Brisker said that Green Bay’s starting quarterback was “just Jordan Love” and “nothing special.”

That same “nothing special” Jordan Love just had a 300-yard passing performance to cap off the Bears’ 2023 campaign — along with two passing touchdowns. In both of his games against Chicago, Love has combined for 561 passing yards and five touchdowns with no interceptions.

Brisker also called Green Bay soft during their Monday Night Football game against the Las Vegas Raiders earlier this season. Before the season opener against the Packers, he had the following to say about the matchup:

I’m waiting. I’m itching. It’s Packers week, so I know it’s going to be live in the stadium. You know, fans everywhere. It’s going to be loud.

People hate Green Bay. I hate Green Bay. So, I can’t wait. They didn’t get to see me last year; They gon’ get to see me this year, though.

Unfortunately for him, Brisker’s Bears have gone 0-4 against the Packers in his two years in the NFL. Now, Chicago is on a 10-game losing streak, tying the longest losing streak in the history of the 100-plus-year rivalry.

The Packers actually brought in Brisker for a pre-draft visit back in 2022, along with future Green Bay draft selections Devonte Wyatt, Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Rasheed Walker, Tariq Carpenter and Samori Toure. In another alternative reality, maybe Brisker is the starting safety for the Packers. In this one, though, he’s a salty defensive back on the wrong side of this rivalry.