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Packers Players Respond to Jaquan Brisker ‘fake tough’ Comments

Players didn’t hold back on social media over Jaquan Brisker’s post-game remarks

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

After the Green Bay Packers’ 17-9 win over the Chicago Bears, Bears starting safety Jaquan Brisker, who is 0-4 against the Packers, shared choice words for the Packers wide receivers according to Mark Grote of WSCR. Specifically, Brisker said the Packers wide receiver room has “no stars” and that they are “fake tough”.

The Packers, who had 432 total yards of offense in Sunday’s season finale, didn’t hold back on social media after Brisker’s quotes were making the rounds on X/Twitter.

First, running back Aaron Jones, who ran for over 100 yards for his 3rd straight game on Sunday, shared his thoughts (and asked the question we were all thinking), “Isn’t it his job to cover them ?? Should have been a easy day at work, right? If we got no one over there. Rent was due today!!!!!!”.

Linebacker Preston Smith followed up by quoting his tweet with “Man look like he ain’t do his job… gotta plan that offseason now and get front row seats from the couch”.

Then this morning, tight end Tucker Kraft made sure to remind Brisker who ultimately had the last laugh.

This isn’t the first time the Bears safety has attempted to throw shade at the Packers. After their match-up in Week 1, Brisker said Jordan Love, who threw for 316 yards, 2 touchdowns, and passer rating of 128.6 on Sunday, was “nothing special”.

Be sure to catch that “nothing special” quarterback and those “fake tough” wide receivers in the playoffs this weekend as they head to Dallas to take on the Cowboys at 3:30pm CST on Sunday.