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Packers’ 2024 opponents are finalized, including NFC West and AFC South divisions

The Packers will welcome the 49ers to Lambeau Field for the first time since the playoff debacle after the 2021 season.

San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With the Green Bay Packers’ 2023 regular season now in the rear-view mirror, the team’s opponents for the 2024 season are set. The Packers’ second-place finish in the NFC North, along with the other division standings being finalized, locks in the last three opponents for 2024, so we now know where and against whom the Packers will play next fall.

Dates and times for the games will not be announced until later this spring, when the NFL reveals its full schedule.

The NFL’s 17-game schedule breakdown is predictable. Each team plays against the other three teams in its own division twice, once at home and once on the road. Each division is also matched up with one division from its same conference and one from the other conference, playing two teams from each of those two divisions at home and two on the road. Then there are three other games that are decided by the division standings. Each team will play the teams that finished in the same place in the other two divisions within their own conference that are not already on their schedule, as well as the team with the same finishing spot in one division from the other conference.

For the Packers, they play the other three NFC North teams twice each, then they play each team in the NFC West and AFC South. They also then match up with the second-place teams from the NFC East and NFC South, as well as the AFC East.

Additionally, the 17-game schedule means that all teams in one conference have 9 home games and the other have 8. The NFC gets the extra home game in even years, so the Packers will have 9 games at Lambeau Field next fall and 8 away from home.

According to those stipulations above and accounting for alternating home/road games, the Packers’ opponents in 2024 will be the following:

Home Games

Road Games

Notably, the schedule will not include the New York Jets and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Jets finished in third place in the AFC East, meaning that Rodgers and company will take a trip to Minnesota to play the third-place Vikings instead.

Additionally, the San Francisco 49ers will make their first trip to Lambeau Field since the 2021 NFC Championship Game. The Packers’ last home regular season matchup with the 49ers came before Matt LaFleur’s hiring, a 33-30 victory in 2018. Prior to that matchup, the two teams had played four other games in San Francisco, including three in the regular season, since the last time they had met in-season in Green Bay.